Exhibitions play a vital role in today’s business world.
It is therefore of fundamental importance that organizers, exhibitors and attendees have access to relevant reliable exhibition data before, during and after the event.

NETKOL innovative palette created specifically for fairs and exhibitions aims to supply the overall tools and information prior, in real time as well as after the event, thus greatly enhancing the efficiency and performance of this time-limited and intensive event to all participants (organizers, exhibitors, visitors).

An overall palette of tools and information is offered, thus including efficient planning to the attendees, walk-through interactive map, reminders about meetings and conferences, and more. Organizers can track and measure in real time and then better plan their next similar event, exhibitors can gain direct information and real time lead-lists as well as statistics about the effective attending of their booth, visitors can get information about the booths that they have visited and the representatives that they have met and immediate information sent to their email about the fields of interest that they have been exposed to during their visit at each booth, and even action-items to be taken care of.


NETKOL – your fair synonym for efficiency