The decision of representing a booth is a very expensive and effort consuming and uncertain choice.

Unfortunately, it happens that the clients fail to attend the booth, and the result of
this big effort is deceiving.

DISAPOINTED  unattended   booths ….. Waiting for visitors.

The  exhibition ground may well  be overcrowded , and even considered as a success in terms of number of visitors,

However … due to the difficulty in getting information and the lack of ability into understanding the maps and the lists,

The visitors might just give-up finding what they would  really have liked to discover and meet,  hoping  for luck,

And just roam about recklessly , thus resulting in a sad performance where the corresponding booths and potential attendees might never really meet . The bigger the fair and the higher the number of attendees , the smaller the probability of real success in terms of “meeting the right match”.


Some organizers try to help with an exchange board

Some try to help with a documentation meeting place ,

But these “tools” are still disconnected from the real needed meeting spots ( = the right visitor at the right booth ) , and their efficiency is doubtful .

NETKOL is presenting a whole palette of tools that increases the efficiency to all parties involved.